History repeats; thesmallestbarintheworld.com opens again on Saturday 15 October 2011!
And what's more, we open for just 1 (one) day; from noon till the very last boozer feels like going home ( ...or one of the many other bars, love
hotels, massage parlors and hostess clubs of Kabukichou).
For those looking for stability, the one and only Jonathan Barman will be
serving you again and will be happy to share his insane stories.

To be honest, since last year, the bar has not grown. It is still very small
with only 4 people that can sit or, with some co-operation, 6 that can
stand. Just like its dimensions, the location also didn't change much: still
the center of Kabukichou, aka the red-light district of Tokyo housing over
3000 bars, nightclubs, love hotels, massage parlors, hostess clubs and other dark places.
We still don't serve fancy candle-light suppers but yes, we still serve a
great Belgian beer on tap: VEDETT EXTRA WHITE.

Drink or be drunk. Be a part of history.
Mark 15 October in your calendar and write history. You’re welcome from noon onwards and be a part of history.
Don't worry & drink as much as you can for 5,000JPY
First 50 persons only
Order at: info@trainspot.jp